On Prime Time with Taylor Baldwin

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Lights, Camera, Juice in Action…

Taylor Baldwin invited me to promote Healthy Happy Hotties and the benefits of juicing with her audience over at Prime Time.  It’s on San Diego’s local UT-TV and on the net, but ProductLaunchr went along on the shoot and captured the whole segment.  Here it is all polished up for you.  Click here to get the recipe for The Bing, the juice she enjoyed so much.


Get a sneak peek at Healthy Happy Hotties

You can watch the introduction video and download the first chapter of the workbook for Healthy Happy Hotties.  You will…

  • learn the philosophy of the Healthy, Happy Hottie Trinity
  • get clear on where you are starting from
  • and what your health goals are for 2013

Check it out now.

  • Kay Lathrop

    Joy you were AWESOME! Love your energy girl! And, Travis and team did a fabulous job with this presentation! Happy New Year you two!

  • Joy

    Thank you Kay. Try the juice if you’re in the mood for a little liquid goodness.

  • lejla

    Joy is wonderful in promoting healthy raw life style. Great work Joy

  • Anna-Carin Rahm

    I agree with Kay,You were awesome! Full of energy and beautiful!
    I am on and off with juicing and now I got a kick in the right direction. Will try the one you had on the show. Thank you for helping me change my life <3

  • Joy

    Thank you for your kind words guys. It is nice to have such a supportive community.

  • ryan

    Way to go, girl! So much info packed into such a short amount of time and you rocked it!! Whoop Whoop!

  • Joy

    Thanks Ryan. I am seeing the importance of having a media coach. The NBC team was awesome and they threw back all the juice I brought like total health pros. All in all a good time.

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