Food Budget: Harder than it seems

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Today my mantra is choose FLEXIBILITY over FRUSTRATION.

After toiling over a menu plan that would work within our budget my well meaning husband walks in the door with not one but TWO bags of groceries from Trader Joe’s.  Needless to say many of the items in these bags were NOT on my menu plan OR in the budget I stressed over.

On the up side, my hottie husband is a rock star for being the kind of guy who pops by the store and does the grocery shopping when  he notices we are low on food in the house. Obviously, I will need to be in communication with BOTH Travis (my husband) and Evie (my 14 year old daughter) about our family menu plan. That will mean posting the menu plan so they can see what foods they can grab as quick snacks without foiling any meals.

So here WAS my menu plan BEFORE the revisions that I will be making later today to account for the groceries he bought.  He is so sweet, he suggested we not include those in our budget, but this is real life, not some staged challenge on the Food Network. Things come up. I can get frustrated or I can be flexible.  I choose flexibility. Things always work out whether it is as I planned or not!

Blank versions of the menu planner & food budget sheet are here.  I am totally open to ideas for improving this worksheet.  AND I’d love any money saving tips you have for eating healthy on a budget.  Post your comments below or email me thru the contact page. THANK YOU!


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