Healthy Eating On A Budget

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Here is the scoop on the financial food challenge I am taking on…

I will be keeping track and sharing with you my effort to feed a family of four a healthy diet on $150 per week.  Given my strong preference for organic food and a raw food diet, this is a real challenge for me. The daily head count for meals is four, my husband, my self, my 14 year old daughter and my 21 month old son.  Since Maverick is still nursing, he doesn’t account for a lot of our food bill so I will base my numbers on feeding 3 and pad the shopping list with his favorite fruits & veggies.

Since we are a highly social family, we often have friends and neighbors popping in and joining us for meals. We LOVE that aspect of our lives!  I love cooking for our Framily and we all love to cook together, so we will make this work some how some way.  We will see what our passion for entertaining does to our overall food budget, perhaps I can negotiate an entertainment budget too!

Succeed or fail, I’ll track the progress here on the blog.  Do me a favor and post any tips you have for healthy eating on a budget in the comments box below.  As a raw food chef hooked on young coconuts and fresh veggie juices, I am wondering if this is possible.  But I am committed to doing what it takes to be financially smart and I know there are people less fortunate than us who have to do this on a lot less money.  I know many of them resort to 99 cent menus and I’m not about to let that happen, so this will be my chance to prove that it is possible to eat healhty on a budget.

So let’s get started…

Here are BLANK MENU PLANS for you to use. Below the weekly menu plan you will see a place to keep track of your weekly food budget.  Tomorrow I will give you a video tour of the document to show you how easy it is to use.


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